Open Readings of A Kipling Passion

Interested in being part of one of the readings of A Kipling Passion?

What is it?

A straight-up reading; no rehearsal. Only the solos and repeated materials will be omitted.

Why should I participate?

This reading is for you if:

  • You are passionate about powerful new choral music,
  • You enjoy the company of other singers
  • You want to improve your sight reading or just keep your chops up
  • You are looking for an edgy alternative to Sings of more familiar repertoire
  • You might be considering singing with Schola/Ember in the 2017-18 season
When is it?
How do I sign up?

For details and to reserve a printed score for use during the session, click the “Sign-Up” button below.

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Tell me more...

In this final year of the 2014–2018 centennial commemoration for World War I, Schola’s season, When the War is Over, will feature the East Coast premiere of John Muehleisen’s oratorio, But Who Shall Return Us Our Children – A Kipling Passion, based on the historical account of the death of Lieutenant John Kipling during the Battle of Loos and on the impact that his death had on his parents, Rudyard and Carrie Kipling.

In preparation for that performance, we have scheduled two readings of the oratorio that are open to the public. Walk-ins are welcome, even without a reservation.